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Colorado Onglyza Heart Disease Lawsuit

Onglyza (saxagliptin), a popular drug used to regulate blood glucose levels in patients with Type II diabetes, has been linked to an increased risk for heart failure, heart attack and heart disease. Based on research showing patients taking Onglyza are hospitalized for heart failure more often than diabetics not taking Onglyza, the FDA added an Onglyza heart failure warning to the product’s label in April of 2016.

Cardiac risks such as heart disease, heart attack and heart failure from Onglyza were the subject of an FDA Endocrinologic and Metabolic Drugs Advisory Committee meeting in 2015. Onglyza was first approved for use in the United States in 2009. Believing it to be safe, patients who have taken the drug since 2009 have been exposed to an increased risk for heart failure from Onglyza at no fault of their own.

Unaware of the potential for cardiovascular problems such as heart attack or heart failure from Onglyza, doctors and patients have come to favor the drug for its effectiveness in regulating blood glucose levels and because it does not result in weight gain (a typical side effect of other glucose regulators). Marketed by the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, Onglyza sales garnered $786 million in 2015. Prior to the announcement of the April 2016 FDA Onglyza heart failure warning, the drug had been projected to yield annual sales of $2.47 billion by 2018. AstraZeneca has been aware of the connection between Onglyza and heart problems since 2013 but did not warn consumers of the potential danger until required to do so by the FDA in 2016.

If you or a loved one in Colorado has suffered from heart failure, heart attack, or heart disease, you may be eligible to receive compensation through filing a Colorado Onglyza lawsuit. Attorneys handling Colorado Onglyza heart attack lawsuits provide free, no-obligation Onglyza case review to individuals and family members of persons in Colorado who match this description. These Colorado Onglyza attorneys are leaders in the realm of pharmaceutical and product liability litigation, holding large corporations accountable for the harm dangerous drugs have exacted against innocent consumers.

Onglyza Heart Disease Info for Colorado

Onglyza Heart Failure Information for Residents of Colorado

Recent research indicates Onglyza increases the risk of heart attack, heart disease, and heart failure. In a large, randomized study, patients taking Onglyza were hospitalized for heart failure 1.27 times more frequently than diabetics not taking the drug. Heart attack, heart failure, heart disease and death are all risks for patients taking Onglyza in Colorado. Read current Onglyza heart research and risk information from attorneys handling Colorado Onglyza heart attack and failure lawsuits.

FDA Onglyza Warning Info for Colorado

FDA Onglyza Warning Information for Residents of Colorado

In April of 2016, the FDA Onglyza Warning was released which cautions doctors and patients of the increased risk of heart failure from Onglyza. While the drug is still widely used in the United States, the FDA Onglyza warning brings new information about Onglyza heart disease and heart attack risks. Read full FDA Onglyza warning information from attorneys for Colorado.

Colorado Onglyza Lawsuit

Colorado Onglyza Lawsuits

Individuals and family members of persons in Colorado who have suffered from Onglyza heart disease or heart attack may be entitled to compensation through filing Colorado Onglyza lawsuits. Persons in Colorado meeting this description are eligible for a free, no-obligation case review from an experienced attorney handling Onglyza lawsuits in Colorado. Onglyza heart failure lawsuits against the drug maker AstraZeneca are being filed for persons in Colorado and nationwide. Colorado Onglyza lawsuit fees are contingent on outcome, meaning you pay nothing unless we win for you.

Colorado Onglyza Lawsuit FAQ

Colorado Onglyza Lawsuit FAQs

For persons who believe they may have grounds to file an Onglyza heart disease lawsuit in Colorado, this page offers answers to commonly asked Colorado Onglyza lawsuit questions. Frequently asked Colorado Onglyza lawsuit questions include, How much does it cost to file an Onglyza lawsuit for heart attack in Colorado? and Are there time limits on filing a Colorado Onglyza lawsuit claim? Read for full answers to Colorado Onglyza Lawsuit FAQs compiled by attorneys handling Onglyza heart lawsuit claims in Colorado.

Colorado Onglyza Attorneys

Colorado Onglyza Attorneys

Our Onglyza lawyers for Colorado are experienced in achieving justice for consumers harmed by large pharmaceutical corporations. Backed by extensive experience, a strong track record of success, and the significant resources that come only with a leading national drug safety law firm, these Colorado Onglyza attorneys are equipped to handle the complexities of your claim, whatever they may be. An Colorado Onglyza attorney is available to discuss your case without fee or obligation and there are never any legal fees unless we collect for you.